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Lil Wayne, Jay-Z & Ne-Yo Will Be On the Same Ticket For The Hottest Concert Of The Year

Lili Wayne will be performing with Jay-Z and NE-YO at the ultimate Hip Hop & R&B concert sponsored by Powerhouse.

The excitement is already building up for this once in the lifetime appearance.

According to Cadillac Jack, Program Director of Power 105.1 stated: "By teaming up Jay-Z with Lil Wayne and Ne-Yo we are creating the perfect Powerhouse for New York City."


Lil Wayne Mp3 Review - Recent Poll Indicates Lil Wayne MP3 Is Hot!

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With the release of Lil Wayne and Birdman latest album comes a new hip-hop rage that is blazing.

Known once as the youngest Hot Boy, Lil Wayne now has his own style and title. His musical taste is well respected and has the highest regards in his industry.

Adored by millions of fans from the "dirty south" to the other corners of the nation, Wayne's main appea; is through his lyrics and his writing. Although his songs maybe similiar to Jay-Z's style, he still set himself apart as one of the top MC's of the new generation.

It is Lil Wayne mp3 rhymes that are unique and therefore, other artists have noticed and are opting in to his ghostwriting skills.

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Lil Wayne mp3

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Lil Wayne is Hot Noise from the Hot Boys

When fame comes as fast as it did for Lil Wayne, you best be ready for it!

Lil Wayne has come very far very quickly. Little over three years ago, the high-pitched rapper from the streets of New Orleans released his first single.

Now based in Miami because of Hurricane Katrina, his recent album, "Like Father Like Son" is flying off the shelves. The hot single "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" is a masterpiece of hip hop, funk and dance-floor cool---all wrapped up in one song.

Lil Wayne is also one of the top downloads for iPods and mp3 players from websites such as and other popular music venues.

You shouldn't leave home without Wayne and his exciting sounds in your ear. It is the right stuff!

Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne: The Mastermind

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is a mastermind!

Lil Wayne has provided the hip-hop world with more swagger and excitement than many rappers manage in their careers. His fifth album, “Tha Carter II,” was released late last year ; whereas once Lil Wayne had been dismissed as a kiddie-rap novelty act, now he was delivering nimble rhymes and proclaiming himself “best rapper alive.” Then, came a mixtape, “Dedication 2,” which was partly a tribute to his native New Orleans. And he teamed with his longtime mentor, Baby (also known as Birdman), for a high-spirited CD, “Like Father, Like Son” (Cash Money/Universal).

Lil Wayne is impossibly prolific, yet he often sounds — to his credit — as if he’s just goofing off. Certainly that’s the feeling on the “Young Money” mixtape, which is named for his label. (He is also president of Cash Money Records, his longtime home.) It might be the wackiest Lil Wayne mixtape so far, which is saying something; in one free-associative rhyme, he delivers this nonsensical boast about his jewelry: “Check my pattern, scheme/ I probably have on rocks from the moon and Saturn’s ring.”

The tracks were compiled by Raj Smoove, a New Orleans D.J. And the emerging rappers on the CD, including Mack Maine and Curren$y.

This compilation offers yet another chance to hear a rapper in his prime, and few musical spectacles can compete with that.

Other artists that are hot at the present time includes Lil Boosie, Lil Scrappy and Lil Jon.

Lil Wayne turns an old hip-hop controversy (Dr. Dre’s assault on a journalist) into a daffy boast: “I’m so fresh I should be smacked, like Dee Barnes/ And you’ll get smacked like a baseball by B. Bonds.” There are plenty of the usual dirty jokes, alongside more-sad-not-angry rhymes about Hurricane Katrina, his former partners in the Hot Boy$ and his father. And in “Amen,” he compresses years of frustration into three lines:

Government still quittin’ on us
Lost a few homies, and the grief still sittin’ on us
So we got they names written on us.

Like many rappers before him, Lil Wayne is promising that his next album will be a “classic”; unlike most of them, his prediction seems plausible. For now, he seems to be doing whatever he wants, and doing it effortlessly. You can almost believe that Lil Wayne’s hot streak will last indefinitely.

Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne

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